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About Upstate Sayoc Kali

The Art of the Blade

The Sayoc family system began the same way as many other Filipino martial arts. It originated in the Philippines and can be traced back over hundreds of years. During the Spanish occupation of the Philippines, members of the Filipino rebellion gathered forces, armed, and trained locals then led battles against the invaders. This time of struggle formed the basis of the Sayoc system. Tracing its roots back to the Katipunan, the Sayoc system has now spanned six generations of warriors all having added their own unique aspects to the system.

Sayoc Kali includes knowledge of how to use a single knife, with a progression to the use of multiple blades, sticks, flexible weapons, and empty-hands combatives.

Included in these categories of training are proper handling or blade edge discipline, drawing the blades, vital template targeting, counter blade techniques including disarms, and projectiles used in conjunction with blade work. Students are also taught critical injury management.

Guro Matt Horton is Upstate Sayoc Kali's training group leader and has been training Sayoc Kali since July 2012. Guro Matt trains with Tuhon Patrick Consing and the Kapatid Sayoc Tribe. Guro Nick Stevens is a Sayoc Full Instructor and the training group's sponsor. In addition to training Sayoc, Guro Matt is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) blue belt training under Eddie Fyvie, a fouth degree BJJ black belt.

"Before the blade, humans were the prey" – Tuhon Rafael Kayanan

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