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Pamana Tuhon

Reposted from Tuhon Rafael Kayanan

All you who dropped the blade -

Know that the rank you cherish was never earned.

It could not be bought.

It could not be slandered.

One man created the TUHON rank.

One Tribe made it shine.

This is why you emulate our ranks

But can never equal our deeds.

Make all your excuses.

Gather all your half truths.

The rank means nothing.

Without “SAYOC” beside it.

Between the name and the rank

is a chain of unbroken deeds.

Loyalty is difficult

It is the highest currency.

It is not for everyone.

A SAYOC Tuhon does not have a certificate.

Look at the person.

That is the rank.

There are no masters.

If there are no slaves.

In memory of Pamana Tuhon Christopher Sayoc Sr.

May 3 2017

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